About Me


I have loved animals all my life. It started at a very young age and I actually started working at my first Pet Store and Grooming Salon when I was 14. I spent 13 years working at Petsmart in various positions throughout the years which included running the Salon Operations for the entire chain. In that position I fell in love with the art of grooming. For me, grooming is more than just providing haircuts its about making a pet feel good, improving there skin and coat health, and enhancing the bond between the pet and the owner. After leaving Petsmart I opened Poochies Arizona and worked as a consultant for the Davis Veterinary Shampoo company. Working with Davis enabled me to learn how products work and at the same time having Poochies Arizona allowed me to put this knowledge into practical applications to improve pets skin and coat concerns. Poochies Arizona was my dream come true, I loved my customers and my staff. After a few years I encountered a devastating split from a long term partner and needed a fresh start so I moved to florida. I didn’t know much about Tampa so friends recommended that I take a look at Dunedin for a place to live. I drove down main street Dunedin and fell in love. I saw people walking there dogs all over town, the dog murals on the walls and the people I met where so friendly. Without looking anywhere else I decided this was the perfect place for me and my kids.   Poochies Dunedin is enhancement of the Arizona version and a even bigger dream come true. The boutique is filled with the best foods, toys, apparal and treats. My kids have tried just about everything in the store so they can personally recommend there favorites to you if needed.

So stop in and meet me and the staff, we would loved to meet your furry kids. Are Mission at Poochies is to enhance to improve the life of your pet, so if you have questions or concerns about your pets Skin and Coat, Nutrition, Supplements or just need help finding that perfect dress for your little girl we are here to help.


My Kids

I am the proud parent of 4 furry kids. Fiona the basset, Ninja and Smushy the Shar Pei’s, and Gigi the pug. If you have ever visited the store you probably have met Gigi because she is the Store Manager. She loves to greet everyone and hang out with dad at work all day.